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1984-1990 Attended Texas Tech University College of Architecture
2000-2001 Attended University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture
2001-2006 Instructor – Texas Tech University College of Architecture
1990-2006 Varied employment with architecture firms and freelance design work

Darwin Harrison grew up and studied architecture in West Texas. His passion for all things design as well as the big sky and never ending horizon of his home have influenced and inspired him in both design work as well as his photographic endeavors. It has been said that West Texas is not a place for pretense; things must stand on their own, weathering the elements with quiet strength.

The wide-open landscape and the buildings that reside in this vast openness have a clarity and character that are underappreciated. The quality of light is illuminating and sharp, rarely spoiled by pollution or even visual obstacles. The vastness gives even the smallest structure a majestic presence and the skies provide backdrops limitless in their diverse, painterly beauty.

The ordinary that is actually extraordinary grabs his attention. The resulting images are often direct views of everyday things, simple buildings or seemingly nondescript landscapes seen countless times yet rarely noticed.

As the photography work has progressed to include other regions and even more experimental approaches, the fundamental premise has stayed the same – to capture the ordinary/extraordinary elements around us and do so with straightforward simplicity and elegance.

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